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We are Located in the Historic Towns of Ngalekyi and Baku, in the Western Region of Ghana - Only 1 minute drive away from the Maaha Beach Resort. 8 minutes away from Nzulezo. We are the first Private Beach Resorts in Ghana and the Western Region - Nzema. Visit and immerse yourself in a quiet and calm ambience whilst enjoying a luxurious encounter. Our Rooftop Beachfront Villa is For the Discerning Guest. Savor every moment in your second home as you enjoy the view from across the beautiful ocean as well as enjoy the blue skyscape in a melodious mix of chirps and the rustle from local flora and fauna. Choose from one of our beach packages below.

Executive Presidential Luxury Beachfront Villa with a Rooftop ($400): With a complete touch of luxury, the rooftop villa is for your eyes only. home away from home, enjoy the luxury in our ultimate vintage/antique and turkish classic furniture with access to every facility and pool. These are for our discerning guests.

Private Beach - Get Whole Beach Resort To Yourself and Your Crew ($5000): You are this big, get the space to yourself with no distractions from outsiders. Check in and stay for 2 nights with your crew. Access all rooms, tents, outdoor area, pool and get served by our servers anytime you need us.This is the ultimate Luxury!

Luxury Chalet ($170): Want to experience the most relished and jaw-dropping medusa head brand? Come immerse yourself in the most expensive versace robe and regalia and enjoy nights filled with our surreal comfort in a room decored with original versace personal effects and artifacts. This is the ultimate instagrammable luxury!

Standard Chalet ($90): For the simplistic and minimalistic touch of luxury whilst providing the greatest experience of hospitality and affordable stay tailored for your budget. Book this special deal and enjoy an excellent minimalistic luxurious experience, only at Venice View Beach Resort

  • 24 -Hours Room Services
  • Early Check-Ins / Late Check-Outs
  • Luxury/Exotic Beachfront Chalets
  • Classic Luxury Rooms
  • Gigantic 75-inch TV Screens
  • Vintage Classic Turkey Furniture